13 September 2014

Desain Lingerie Karya Britney Spears

Britney Spears memamerkan lingerie hasil rancangannya untuk pertama kali di Runway New York Fashion Week.

Britney Spears threw quite a soiree for her new endeavor. The "Piece of Me" singer offered lots of eye candy, as well as special Britney-branded chocolates, classical piano music, and a Britney voiceover reminiscent of her fragrance commercials, although she didn't perform any songs. (9/9/14)

Spears, 32, looked chic at the show in a plunging red Rhea Costa jumpsuit, with tousled tresses and silver hoop earrings. "Wish me luck everyone!" she tweeted. "It's fashion show time! :) About to jump on stage." (9/9/14)

The racy garters and sexy bras were accompanied by sleepwear, including this romantic, lacy nightgown. Interestingly, though, Spears insists that she wears something a bit less glamorous for sleeping. "I wear boxers and a T-shirt usually," she told Glamour. "But if I want to feel really sexy I put on the Intimate Britney Spears collection at night and get a bottle of champagne and go to sleep." (9/9/14)

As predicted, some of the looks were similar to what Spears herself has been known to wear onstage. (Although, she wouldn't wear the robe!) Spears told The Insider With Yahoo, "I feel like this line is made for all women, all sizes, all types." (9/9/14)

The inspiration for the line, however, came from an entirely different place. "I went to Europe [10 years ago] and I went to a store and it was really, really cool," Brit told Glamour. "It was a vintage lingerie sleepwear store. Everything in there was very different and very electric and beautiful. Ever since then it was like 'I want to do that. I want a lingerie line.' It's something that's been on my mind for a really long time now, so to be able to put it together and have my dream come true is really amazing." (9/9/14)

Satin, lace, silk, and other luxe fabrics played a prominent role in the presentation for fashion editors. The masses can purchase the pieces on Britney's website at prices ranging from $17 to $79. (9/9/14)

After the show, Spears tweeted that it was "an incredible experience" with "a beautiful audience." Do you think her lingerie line will be a hit? (9/9/14)

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